• YDWC Summer Retreat 2018

    For young professionals/students from diverse backgrounds

    Fri June 15th (evening) - Sun June 17th 2018 (afternoon)

  • The YDWC retreat is open to everyone who is interested. So, if you're a young professional / student who wants to actively network, this is for you.


    We especially want to involve people who are often underrepresented in professional networks. If you are from a diverse background then your parents (or grandparents) likely embraced the challenge of moving to a foreign country. Perhaps they started off owning nothing and knowing no one, but grafted in pursuit of a better life for you and your siblings.


    If you are a professional then you have already succeeded in so many ways - and you have fulfilled on many levels the dreams your ancestors may have had for you.


    Yet there are still challenges - challenges that come with being first: the first in your family to go to university, the first to go into your chosen profession, the first to know how to compute an integral, the first to grow up speaking English as a first language.


    And challenges that are broader still: being the only person who looks like you in the workplace, reading that “multiculturalism has failed” and wondering who exactly is being talked about, and the Brexit vote has now bubbled up a whole series of new issues surrounding what it means to be a minority in the UK.


    These are shared experiences. The YDWC retreat is about bringing people together to actively discuss these experiences and take on these challenges together.


    Hopefully, it is people like us who can demonstrate that diversity is a source of strength and not a force for division.




    We hope that by coming on the retreat you will make a set of friends for life.











  • Key points

    15th-17th June 2018


    Approx. 50 people


    The application form will be up soon.

    The first 50 people to sign up will get to attend the retreat.


    £150 - Early Bird (book before May 15th)

    £200 - Standard (after May 15th)


    The fee will cover the cost of accommodation, food, transportation, and activities.






  • What is a young diverse world changer?

    Listen to Elizabeth Lemo's take on what it means to be a Young Diverse World Changer






  • The Retreat Format

    Last year's retreat was organised around activities run by the participants. This year, we will have some of that, but also a set of special guests who will be sharing their experiences and expertise of various industries.


    Stay tuned over the coming months to learn more about who will be attending!






  • Who Else is Going?

    Horatio Georgestone

    EU Exit Governance Business Partner

    Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

    University College London

    Georgia Bennet

    Civil Engineer

    Mott MacDonald

    University College London

    James Alao

    Trainee Lawyer

    Clifford Chance LLP

    Queen Mary, U. of London

    Vanessa Burton

    Assistant Engineer

    Mott MacDonald

    University of Surrey

    Joel Semakula

    Barrister (Unregistered)

    Judicial Assistant to the Rt. Hon Lady Justice Gloster DBE

    University of Oxford

    Medha Bhasin

    Robert Schuman Trainee, DG for External Policies

    European Parliament

    Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford






  • FAQs

    Who you are:

    A young professional from a diverse or traditionally underrepresented background, looking to meet other people who are going through similar experiences.

    Where we’re going:

    The Thorpe Woodland’s Adventure centre in Thetford forest. It’s a beautiful venue about 90- minute drive from London. Plenty of open space, fresh air and greenery :)

    Do I have to be a member of YDWC already?

    Absolutely not. This event is open to everyone, and the wider the net we cast, the better. Tell your friends about it.

    How do I go?

    The application form is live now. Register now before spaces start filling up!

    How much does the retreat cost?

    £200 per participant (or £150 if you book early). This is to help us cover the costs of accommodation, transport, food and activities. If the price presents a significant barrier to you, please send us an email and we will see if we can work something out.


    The price is as low as we can make it - YDWC doesn't make any profit from this.

    When would I have to pay by?

    You will need to pay the fee when you fill out the application form. If you sign up and later decide that you cannot attend, you will be refunded 75% of the cost.

    Is transportation included?

    We will have a bus to take us from a meet up point in London (likely Stratford) to the venue and back. You will have to make your own way to the meet up point. You are also welcome to make your own way directly to the venue if you prefer.

    What are sleeping arrangements like?

    Dorm style individual bunk beds. Separate male and female rooms.

    Do I have to stay for the full length of the trip?

    Yes. This is a non-negotiable since we want to create a great experience for all participants. If you can’t make it for this trip then there will definitely be other opportunities - stay in touch!

    Do I have to be over 18 to attend?

    Yes. Unfortunately, because of legal reasons we can only invite people who are at least 18 years old on June 15th 2018.

    If you have any additional questions please email us at ydwc.retreat@gmail.com

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